Eunomia Process Builder, the Business Process Modeling tool

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  • For small or medium size process
    (limited to 75 process items and 50 objects and links by diagram)
  • Upgradable to other editions
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It is a freeware and will remain so!

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  • Version with all features
  • For any size of process
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  • 2 years maintenance plan
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System requirements


Any windows except 3.1 and 95
With Internet Explorer >= 6
Western Latin character sets

Consulting the web site

Any modern web browser

Eunomia Process Builder: the Business Process Modeling tool

Eunomia Process Builder current version:


Main changes since the 2.4.8 version:
- Support BPMN 2.0 choreography diagrams
- Export diagram as png file
- Only show role responsibilities involved in the generated activity pages
- Improve links behaviours
- Add new images for work products and roles
- Speed up process edition
- Rename workflow into process and macro-activity into sub-process
- Add website publication feature
- Add management 3.0 level of delegation role responsibilities
- Add story mapping feature and the Agile toolkit
- Add csv export from schema



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