Eunomia Process Builder (EN)

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Eunomia Process Builder is an easy-to-use business process modeling tool (BPM tool).

It allows designing IT or business processes and generating process web sites with great look and feel and easy access to the information.

It can be used for instance in the scope of CMMI or ISO process improvement program.

Two product editions exist: the community edition to model small or medium size processes and the process architect edition to model large size processes.

Eunomia Process Builder contains a powerful schema editor that allows designing process diagrams (UML 2.0 activity diagrams, BPMN2.0 collaboration diagram), process map, role map, organization chart, work product map and web site banner.

Eunomia Process Builder allows defining and structuring process objects (processes, activities, phases, macro-Activities, work products, templates, examples, roles, procedures, guides, quality criteria, policies, measures, glossary items, group elements, view elements), defining their characteristics and generating an html 4.01 compliant process web site in 2 languages. 


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