Eunomia Process Builder reference manual

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Move item Text edition

          Archive project measures Archive project measures
           Archive project work products Archive project work products
          Change external URL prefix Change external URL prefix
          Change item class Change item class
          Clean up Clean up
           Create activity/work product table Create activity/work product table
          Export items attributes Export items attributes
          Export version and approval status Export version and approval status
          Generate child links on dual Generate child links on dual
          Import / export Import / export
          Import items attributes Import items attributes
          Import structure from files Import structure from files
          Import version and approval status Import version and approval status
          Process data integrity report Process data integrity report
          Progress status report Progress status report
          Reload process data Reload process data
          Set uid Set uid
          Single item export Single item export
          Single item import Single item import
          View log file View log file

Process classes

     Workflow Process
     Macro activity Sub-Process
     Activity Activity (task)
Work product Work product
     Role Role

     Discipline Discipline
     Domain Domain
     Glossary Glossary
     Glossary entry Glossary entry
     Measure Measure
     Phase Phase
     Procedure / guide Guide
     Procedure / guide group Guide group
     Process overview Process overview
     Quality criteria Quality criteria / policy
      Role group Role group
     Site map Site map
     Template access Template access
      Work product group Work product group
     Work product overview Work product overview
     Work product state Work product state
Eunomia Process Builder is a process modeling tool (BPM tool):
- Quick and easy process modeling (business process, method process, manufacturing process).
- Publish web sites in 2 languages
- Free version and architect version
Eunomia Process Builder web site: