Document generation

Description of the function:

This function allows to generate a html page corresponding to the whole process site repository or a subset of it (excluding embedded guidelines). 

This html page can then be converted to one Word document.


1. Generate the site using the Site generation button  button. 

2. Press the  Document generation button button. 

3. Select the generation scope

Document generation dialog box


Site.htm will be generated in <root>/tmp directory. If "generate site in 2 languages" option is on, SiteL2.htm will also be generated with second language item pages.

4. Open the generated Site.htm or SiteL2.htm page in Word.

5. Embed the images in the document
Images referenced in the source html file are now manage as links. To include them in the Word document (necessary to move the Word document !), please follow these steps:

5.1 Select Edit Links to file

Edit links to file

5.2 Select all the Graphic elements, click on Save picture in document, click on Break Link
Select links

6) Save the document as Word document.

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