Edit banner

Description of the function:

Edit the Process web site banner


1. Press the  Edit banner button  button. 

2. Start to edit the banner using the same editor that the one used for the diagrams. Refer to the Edit Diagram function.

Edit banner editor


- the banner image is generated in the <project root>/site/home/ directory

- the buttons of the toolbar use the javascript functions defined in <project root>/JScript/banner.js


Parameters for the toolbar buttons:

First language
First language image properties

Second language
Second language image properties

Expand all treeview nodes
Expand all treeview nodes image properties

Collapse all treeview nodes
Collapse all treeview nodes image properties

Hide the treeview
Hide the treeview image properties

Show the treeview
Show the treeview image properties

Print the page
Print the page image properties

Back to the previous page
Back to the previous page image properties


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