Description of the function:

Set generation parameters


1. Click on the  Parameters button button

2. Set the parameters and click on ok.


Standard parameters dialog box

Process generation feature:

Process generation feature dialog box

2 languages:
Templates in 2 languages

1 language:
Templates in 1 language

Note: if only one language is selected, the language 2 is used.

Define if the work product naming rule / instance name should be generated between ( ) after each work product hyperlink

Define the elements generation order in the activity pages. The elements are:

For each of these element an order between 1 and 5 should be defined. An element can be excluded from generation in selecting the "exclude" value.

Generate shortcut buttons example

Description popup content:

Configure for each process class for which a popup is generated on its hyperlink, the content of the popup.

popup content dialog box

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