Archive project work products

Description of the function:

This feature allows to manage an organization example library (part of process asset library)

To define the work products to archive at the end of a project, check the "work product to archive at the end of the project" for each work product to archive by the projects.

Archive project work products configuration

Then at the end of each project (during project assessment for instance), the project manager should archive all the work products defined as "to archive" in the organization process.

The following dialog box appears when project manager or process manager click on the button "archive project work product" in the process tool dialog box. 

Archive project work products dialog box

All the work products selected will be copied and referenced in the organization example library. 

The following example library access will be generated during process generation:

Example library access

And for a given work product when clicking on an example library access:

Example library

Specific rules relative to example library:

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