An activity is a leaf task in the Work Breakdown Structure of a process. It transforms a set of in work products into a set of out work products.

- Activities are called tasks in BPMN
- In Eunomia Process Builder activities can be composed of atomic sub elements called steps.

Associations (Parent and children: using item hierarchy links):

Parent: sub-process, phase, process

Children: quality criteria

Association: role, work product, work product state, guide, measure

Note: if an activity of another discipline is used in a process, it will be linked as shortcut when saving the process diagram


Property sheet "Roles - Work products"

Edit activity - roles and work products

Property sheet "Steps"

Edit activity - steps



1) Tag described in Text_Edition can be used in steps

2) The following additional tag can be used:


Hierarchical steps

Which leads to the following if "Use treeview for hierarchical steps" is on
Hierarchical steps generated


Property sheet "Attributes and procedures"

Edit activity - attributes and procedures

Property sheet  "Description" (and "description 2nd Lang")

Edit activity - description - define architecture

- Description: description of the activity in the first language

Description 2nd language: 
- Description: description of the activity in the second language

Property sheet  "Tailoring guidelines" (and "Tailoring guidelines 2nd Lang")

Edit activity - tailoring guideline

Tailoring guidelines: 
- Description: tailoring guidelines corresponding to the activity

Tailoring guidelines 2nd lang: 
- Description: tailoring guidelines corresponding to the activity in the second language

Property sheet "Informations"

Edit activity - Informations

Property sheet "Measures"

- Description: measures that should be performed during this activity (to measure the activity or the related process performance, to help to take decision ....)
- Possible values: item of class Measure

Generated page

Generated elements:

Note that generation options can modify the look and feel, the order and the content of the generated elements. For more detail look at the generation option section

Example of generated elements:


- If a child work product (in the work product potential hierarchy) is referenced, then the parent work product will appears and regroup all its children - As follow:

  Generated activity 2

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